5 Bars/Restaurants to try in Chengdu
24 Mar 2023

Have you ever heard of Chengdu

Don’t worry I am going to introduce this beautiful city to you

Chengdu is a rapidly growing metropolis in the southwestern part of China and it is the capital of Sichaun Province. Chengdu has many nicknames such as Rongcheng (蓉城) meaning Hibiscus City, as the hibiscus flower is a well known symbol of the city. It is also known as the ‘Land of Abundance’ because of its plentiful charms. Chengdu is lively with welcoming locals, positive and fashionable vibes. There are many great places to see and visit. A mahjong city, you can not only eat hotpot, but also see those cute pandas. On weekends you can go to a pub or reastaurant to eat, drink and relax. The gastronomy and night life scene here make it an excellent choice for expats and TEFL teachers.

I'd like to recommend some of the restaurants/bars I've been to.

    1.)  Shu Daxia Hot pot(蜀大侠火锅), Chunxi Road

The restaurant environment is nice and it looks very clean.They have a great variety of tasty dishes and fresh ingredients. The hot pot has a variety of flavors, you can choose according to your own needsThe waiteralso have a good attitude, as long as customers need, they will be enthusiastic to helpMost importantly, their prices are relatively affordableLast but not least, eating a Sichuan hot pot is one of the best social and cultural experiences in the city. It’s definitely a must try! 


    2.) Pho Ha noi (越魅), Near Wide and Narrow Alley

Chengdu also boasts a vibrant international community and there are plenty of international cuisines you can try as well. Such as this Vietnamese restaurantThe decoration style is very unique. It was my first time to try Vietnamese food and I can say that I was blown away by the taste. I will definitely come again next time. Their food is very special, if you are tired of the same food every day, try this restaurant.  

    3. Ran.BBQ.Camping bar (燃.烧烤江湖菜.露营餐吧), Wangping Road

Actually on Wangping Road, there are an abundance of great food and restaurants, that are worth trying. I’d recommend this one in particular as it’s very relaxing for chatting with friends, drinking wine, eating barbecue and listening to music, with an enjoyable environment. The BBQ taste particularly good. When you walk into the restaurant, you will think it’s expensive, but when you go to the pay the bill, you’ll be pleasantly shocked at the price. 


As we all know, Chengdu not only has a lot of delicious food but a great entertainment scene. There is a famous song by Chinese singer Zhao Lei named after the city itself and you’ll often hear this song played here. The bar described in the lyrics of the song ‘Chengdu’ must be a place where people want to relax. Speaking of which, here are some bars, that you can check out here. 

    1.)  Little Bar, Yulin Road

If you’ve heard the song ‘Chengdu’, then you’ll know the ‘Little Bar’ is the bar referenced in the lyrics. It’s not a big space inside, but it’s a great place for drinking and socializing with a few friends. ‘Little Bar’ is one of the top 10 bars in Chengdu and should be on your list to visit.

    2.) Rong Live House, Guixi Road

This is a live house I’ve been to a few times. You can go here with your friends to take it easy, relax, listen to some great music, drink some wine, and sing together. Their singers sing really well creating a good lively atmosphere, in that moment you will forget all your troubles, and you feel like you’re at a live concert. This is great for after a long week’s work.

If you want to listen to the song ‘Chengdu’ by Zhao Lei, please click the following link: 


That’ll be all for today. If you’d like to come and teach English in Chengdu, we can help. Get in touch at [email protected] or visit our jobs board: https://www.teachdiscoverchina.com/index.php?m=&c=jobs&a=jobs_list

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