Literature teacher China International high school is hiring

We are looking for an English native speaking literature teacher China for an international school in Chengdu. If you are interested please get in touch asap as this position will fill very soon. Or you might know someone who would be the right fit, then please share!

1. Location

Tongzilin,Chengdu, City center which is also the center of the Expatriate community. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province, China and one of the best cities to teach TEFL in China. Read more Chengdu – Wikipedia.

2. Salary and benefits

Salary: from RMB 18.000 to RMB20.000,  fully paid during summer and winter vacation and Christmas vocation.
Housing allowance: 3.500 per month
Visa reimbursement: Up to RMB 7.600 can be provided for the visa process.
Business Insurance will be provided
Flight reimbursement: RMB10.000 each year

3. Working time

From Monday to Friday each week from 8:15 AM to 17:15 PM, 12:00 to 13:00 is the lunch hour.   8 hours of working time per day.
Within 25 classes each week, 50 minutes for each class.

4. Requirements

a. Literature teacher is needed
b. Native speaking country
c. Experience in teaching middle school, with a teacher’s qualification certificate.
d. BA and above degree

 Insurance: Group Accident and Health Insurance coverage

· Holidays: all the Chinese public holidays, plus two days for Thanksgiving and one week for Christmas.
· Vacation: Based on the school calendar, at least six weeks paid vacation per annum, this is in addition to the Chinese holiday schedule.
· Sick Leave: 3 days with pay per semester

In case you are not sure if you are eligible to teach English in China? Check your Eligibility

Interested in the job post? APPLY NOW! Of course, we have plenty of more positions available. Check our Job Board for more vacancies or get in touch, we will find the perfect position you are looking for.

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