Chengdu places to go – 3 New exiting streets you should check out

Now you are in Chengdu, you have seen the Pandas, went to a couple of temples, enjoyed hotpot and other spicy Sichuan food. You like Taikooli and Luangquiafong but you want to see more. Here, in this post, we introduce three newcomers for Chengdu places to go.better call saul china

“Streetlife, you can run away from time
Streetlife for a nickel or a dime
Streetlife but you better not get old
Streetlife or you’re gonna feel the cold”

For the one in the know, it is a song by Randy Crawford – google or Baidu it. You should get the tune when reading this post. I came across while binging ‘Better Call Saul’… It could also be your next choice when you go for your karaoke with your mates and/or colleagues after a day at school teaching English.

If you have the absolute pleasure of teaching English in China with us, TeachDiscoverChina and you chose a school in Chengdu, then you want to discover the street life in this awesome city. And there are a lot of places to discover, let me tell you.

The oldest continuously inhabited city on earth

Chengdu, where our headquarter is, is an incredible old city. Apparently, one of the oldest, still inhabited cities on the globe! The city is at least 2,300 years old. In 2019, the Chengdu government decided to redecorate or pimp some of the old streets to improve the quality of life for its citizens. And for sure, they are worth discovering. Let it be for a stroll, a bite or even some adult drinking time with friends. So, if you happen to have come to Chengdu or are planning to, here are some places for you to check out. Let us know if you want to teach English in China – we can help you to find the perfect place for you to teach English in Chengdu or other places in Sichuan province.

Chengdu places to go – 3 Newly opened streets in Chengdu

Number1: 大川巷派叁艺术街区 – Cubic Art Streets Gallery in Dachuan Alley

tefl teacher china(Re-)opened in June 2019
Our first street is the ‘Dachuan Alley’ in Chengdu. She is a beauty of a 150-meter long alley in downtown Chengdu. One end of the street is facing the East Gate of the old city wall and the other is facing the Jinjiang River. The alley was completely renovated in 2019. Now it is the first art street in China featuring original art galleries. More than a dozen Chengdu-based foreign artists and many more local artists have taken up residence here and present their work to the public. Foreign and local artists alike have different exhibitions and of course, sell their artwork in their shops. Prices vary from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Depending on your spending power and taste, there is something for you. The alley also has a fine goods night market with different themes every week, so you will always find something new and never get bored.

如何正确打卡大川巷?Best selfie spot

Do you wonder where to take the best selfie in Dachuan Alley for your social media?

We all want to share some of our adventures with our friends. The best place for a selfie is probably the entrance of Dachuan Alley, called the ‘golden gadget’. It is a retro-styled stone arch with a golden piece of some sort of golden metal welded to it. The different toned stones and lines provide an awesome visual impact, which makes it the perfect background for your selfie.


Number 2: 东门市井 – Dong Men Towntefl china

(Re-)opened in: September 2019

Our second featured street is ‘Dong Men Town’. It is imitating a more archaic street and has quite some choices of recreation, entertainment and of course, mouth-watering food for you to try. The street is designed and based on the work of a former local artist called ‘Mr. Li Jieren’. The renowned local writer passed away for some time already, unfortunately. Dong Men, recreates the folklore and more normal life of the old times in Chengdu. When you walk the street you will not just see the former residence of Mr. Li Jieren but you can take in how old Chengdu might have felt and sound and tasted like with art reliefs carved into the walls and the obligatory tea courtyard with birds singing. Here, in the courtyard, you might find the simple, elegant and peaceful place and you can completely immerse yourself into the old life of this great city.


Number 3: 肖家坊 – Xiaojiafang

tefl china(Re-)opened in: July 2019

Our third contestant: Xiaojiafang Folklore Street. To be honest, this is not just one street but more an area of adjacent streets. The main area is a pedestrian street with the unimagine name ‘Central Street’. It is located in the Xiaojiahe subdistrict of South Chengdu. The area is an already well-established residential area with a lively local life and plenty of ‘hole-in-the-wall restaurants’. With the renovation and renaming to Xiaojiafang Folklore Street, old and established life in Chengdu is highlighted for a wider audience.

The center of the reconstruction of the area is the 500 m long central street. It is connected with six alleys and paved nicely with grey and white stone bricks. They also tried to preserve the old and diverse stores with the local popular chess and card playing areas. You know Sichuan and Chengdu, in particular, is famous for people playing mahjong and the Chinese version of chess at almost every time of the day and time of day. As mentioned, the renovation of the area was aimed at highlighting old, local street life as much as possible and local culture. Now it comes with a nice lick of paint. Additional flower elements have been added to the walls and buildings to create a “Flowering Xiaojiafang Area”.

Places to eat

We love this area, especially for the local Sichuan restaurants. If you come here, definitely try some of the ‘hole-in-the wall-restaurants’. Here are some of our recommendations for you:


永乐饭店 – Yongle Restaurantchengdu restaurant

Address: No. 36 mid Xiaojiahe Street

Average spending: 40 yuan per person


肖家河家常面 – Xiaojiahe Homely Noodles

Address: No.8 Xiaojiahe Street North

Average spending: 14 yuan per person


皇城壩牛肉馆 – Huangchengba Beef Restaurantrestaurant chengdu

Address: No. 2 Xiaojiahe Street

Average spending: 46 yuan per person


肠乐坊广州肠粉 – Changlefang Guangzhou Rice Noodle Rolls

Address: No.23 Xiaojiahe Xiyi Alley

Average spending: 41 yuan per person


That’s it for today’s post: Chengdu: Places to go – streetlife. If that has piqued your interest, get in touch – any comments are as usual, more than welcome.

Interested in teaching English in China and especially in Chengdu: Get in touch! That’s where TeachDiscoverChina is based anyways, so you can teach English here and say hi. And it is not just one of the oldest cities on earth but also the city you want to teach English as it is as vibrant as it is lade back. I think Chengdu usually tops the list of the best cities to live in China.

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