Internship programs

Internship Program:

Spend 4-6 months’ living and teaching English in one of the culture capitals of China. The Internship Program, a government sponsored cultural exchange program in beautiful Sichuan province, gives you the opportunity to experience the real China. You get to explore Sichuan’s beautiful landscapes, sample its great food and develop professional and personal skills.

Note: For interns who haven’t got any teaching certificate, we can provide FREE 120-hour online TEFL course.


  • Aged between 20 to 60 years old

  • Native English speakers with a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate (we provide a free TEFL course if you are not qualified)

Program Highlights

  • Monthly RMB 6,000 salary

  • Not more than 15 teaching hours per week

  • Free Accommodation or housing allowance

  • RMB 3,000 flight ticket reimbursement upon completion of contract

  • RMB 2,000 visa reimbursement upon arrival in China

  • Paid Chinese public holidays

  • Free Mandarin course provided by professional TCFL teachers

  • Free 120-hour high quality TEFL course, certification provided upon contract completion

  • Free airport pick-up

  • Free medical check-up in China

  • Health & accident insurance

  • 24/7 support from our team

  • Free guidance of legal work visa application

  • Four-month or five-month long contract & contract renewal options

Free Accredited TEFL Courses through our organization at



Before starting your journey to China, you need to get covered by yourself in terms of visa application, travel insurance and vaccination before you coming to China. We are always here to make your trip as easy as possible and to this end we’re happy to answer any questions about these issues and more. We can advise you on everything up to and including what to pack, the actual packing, though you’ll have to do yourself.

Airport pickup

Once you arrive at the airport, you’ll be met by our staff and accompanied to your accommodation.


Orientation is scheduled upon all project, during which you can get to understand more things and explore the sights and sounds of Sichuan province.

The whole orientation includes:

1. Survival Chinese provided by professional TCFL teachers.

2. During whole semester, we will assist guide with Teaching Methodologies, Lesson Planning, Introduction to the differences between Chinese and foreign students, Tips on living in China.

3. Activities and dinners will be arranged by us during your semester, you will sample traditional Chinese food especially authentic Sichuanese cuisine which could be hardly found abroad and enjoy the communication with follows all from the world, and have fun with us.

Over the whole orientation you will:

1. Be made more familiar with teaching and get some advice on how to manage classes.

2. Get to know more about Chinese customs and culture.

3. Begin to immerse yourself better in your new environment.

4. Try your hand at mandarin.

5. Have a taste of Sichuan's famous food and experience Sichuan's laid-back lifestyle.


Life in the placement school

Schools always try their best to make your teaching as easy as possible. Besides providing a comfortable work atmosphere, they may also provide teaching materials, course curriculum and multimedia as well as providing useful advice during your internship.

Good preparation, course plans, various class activities and innovative teaching ideas from the interns are appreciated and valued by the schools.

All kinds of cultural activities are also welcomed among the interns, like English Corner, Western holiday parties, and Student’s competitions.

  • Teaching college studentsTeaching college students
  • Teaching in an elementary schoolTeaching in an elementary school
  • Teaching in a kindergartenTeaching in a kindergarten
  • Participating on sports day Participating on sports day
  • BedroomBedroom
  • Living roomLiving room
  • BathroomBathroom

Life outside school

All work and no play is no good, though, so aside from teaching, you can also spend weekends and holidays traveling around Sichuan and China, experiencing and immersing yourself in a new culture and lifestyle.

Sichuan is a beautiful place with a huge range of landscapes, historical sites and experiences to explore ranging from modern cities to ancient Buddhist temples.

  • Hot pot! The traditional Sichuan foodHot pot! The traditional Sichuan food
  • A sample of Sichuanese CuisineA sample of Sichuanese Cuisine
  • The peak of Emei MountainThe peak of Emei Mountain
  • Karaoke is a popular pastimeKaraoke is a popular pastime


Stage 1. Program Application

  • Download the application form on this website’s CONTACT US page and fill in the form then send it together with your passport scan, CV, degree and TEFL certificate to our program email:

Stage 2. Interview and Acceptance

  • Interviews will be scheduled as soon as we receive your materials and the application form.
  • Program acceptance will be informed at the earliest opportunity once references have been checked.

Stage 3. Visa Application

  • We guide you through preparing visa application materials.

Stage 4. Arrival in China

  • Please bring your travel insurance policy, all the original documents.
  • We arrange airport pickup and give you a chance to settle into your accommodation
  • Begin teaching at your semester placement

Ps: Ongoing support provided including helping with opening a bank account, a Chinese sim card, getting familiar with school surroundings, etc.




Sean Lee, Teach & Discover China

Sean Lee, Teach & Discover China

I have been teaching China for over a year now and I can easily say that it has been one of the best decisions of my life. To be able to enjoy a country so vast and diverse has been a great pleasure. This has been made possible thanks to Teach and Discover China. The company takes care of interns very well and organizes activities on a regular basis to help people integrate into Sichuan lifestyle.

Of course, having the added benefit of the TEFL qualification, this has made my life in Chengdu comfortable yet extremely rewarding. Teaching in China is a different environment than most other countries around the world. The enthusiasm students have to learn and study English is very high. Having students who are eager and ready to learn brings a welcoming atmosphere to your classes. Whilst teaching Read a challenging profession to take on there is never a shortage of support from your peers. Teach and Discover China will always take the time to make sure their interns are settling into their placement.

Life in the capital is never boring. You are surrounded by a brilliant combination of tradition and modernization. Chengdu has plenty of calm and serene temples, ancient villages and parks for you to relax in. On the opposite side is the increasing presence of companies and brands from all over the world. This city is never short of activities to take part in. If you enjoy leisure, food and entertainment, then this city will be perfect for you like it is for myself.

Remah Brunning, Teach & Discover China

Remah Brunning, Teach & Discover China

When inquiring about ESL program online, SEAIE was the organization who responded immediately with thorough responses to all of my questions. The staff guided me through the entire process of applying to the program gathering the required documents, provided an affordable option for getting my ESL Certificate in a timely manner, securing my visa, information about health/travel insurance, and insights about my destination country. During the interview, they answered every question I had and gave me detailed information about the program which made me quite expect to teach and live in China. I am happy to announce that I am now teaching in China and it is incredible! SEAIE staff picked us up at the airport, and even checked back with us once we had settled into our host schools. If you have any questions about any ESL Read more...programs, I encourage you to contact SEAIE.

Jessica Zier, Teach & Discover China

Jessica Zier, Teach & Discover China

After I finished high school, I wanted to travel and see the world before starting university. I decided to come to China to teach English, something I've wanted to do for a while, and I have loved every minute of the experience. I have met the most incredible people from all over the world. From the language to traditional Chinese culture, I have learnt so much. I have been able to work and travel, which has been a great combination. This has definitely been a life changing experience for me.

Benjamin Lovegroove, Teach & Discover China

Benjamin Lovegroove, Teach & Discover China

Taking part in the Teach and Discover China program has been a game changer for me. If you’d told me a couple of years ago that I would be travelling six thousand miles across the world, not only to teach regularly in front of fifty plus students but also to savour of all the wonderful sights and experiences China has to offer, I would have thought you were crazy.

Teaching in China has built my confidence and opened my eyes to new lifestyles and ways of thinking that I never before thought possible. Not only are the students at my University eager, faithful, kind and always keen to learn, the program itself is always open and supportive and also encourages you to pursue future opportunities and fulfil your potential. Ever since the induction week - where we were Read more...taken on amazing trips to the local panda base and treated to local cuisines and authentic Chengdu experiences, as well as being offered Chinese cultural lessons and teacher training – we knew we were in safe hands.

Chengdu itself is a wonderful destination – a great mix of the modern and rural with many attractions in the surrounding area as well as delightful local people. It may at times seem a little overwhelming and chaotic but this is part of its charm and things always seem to work out in the end.

I will certainly be sad to go and will recommend this program to anyone

Zarah Mawani, Teach & Discover China

Zarah Mawani, Teach & Discover China

The Teach and Discover China program has been amazing. Before travelling abroad, I was so nervous and scared to go on my own, in a new country, not knowing the language or anyone there. However, the Teach and Discover China program staff were so supportive, comforting, and were with me every step of the way. The beginning orientation week allowed me to meet new people, whom I now consider as my close friends.

My experience abroad has been amazing. Although I have days that I reminisce about being back home, I feel so lucky and fortunate to be where I am. This program has given me the flexibility of gaining teaching experience, while still giving me ample opportunity to travel.  It has only been a few months and I have already Read more...developed basic mandarin communication skills. This experience has enabled me to be fully immersed in the Chinese culture, and learn about the traditions, food, and people.

I am especially thankful to have the support and help of the Teach and Discover China team. The staff have been able to address issues promptly and provide additional follow-ups. They have done an outstanding job at organizing and planning events for us. I would also like to especially thank Leo for being so kind and caring so much for us. This experience has been a truly unforgettable one.

Terrence Rogers, Teach & Discover China

Terrence Rogers, Teach & Discover China

I have been in China for three months now, and I have enjoyed experiencing a different way of life, it's hard in the beginning because of the language barrier, but when you start to make friends and learn some Chinese words, things become more interesting and fun.

During my time here I have seen many different places like Suzhou which is up near Shanghai and Chengdu witch in the South west of China both places have a lot to offer and are full of culture. During my time up in Suzhou I lived in an apartment which was a bus ride away from a well known street called ping jan lu, this street was a place near the canal and is full of colourful vibrant shops with different kinds of food to try. I also got to see many different places and temples which was surrounded by mountains. I also Read more...spend a day and night in Shanghai which was amazing, the city is very modern and full of skyscrapers.

My time in Chengdu has been great, there is more of a city life hear with big shopping areas like Chunxi road it's massive and a cool place to hangout. Next to my college which is in the Longquan district in the southeast of Chengdu is a place called loudai ancient street, this place is amazing and as you walk through the street is gives you a feeling of what it was like in ancient China times with the old fashion buildings and tradition style shops. I love the food in Chengdu especially the fish hotpot this is my favourite, it's delicious and spicy.

The Teach and Discover China program is a great life experience and I would recommend it to anybody thinking of coming to teach English in China, Leo and his staff have been very helpful and supported us from the moment we arrived in Chengdu and throughout my stay, and even arranged trips for us and nights out etc. Thank you guys your great!